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# Tráður - 09/05/2013 klokkan 20:16
Hey guys,

First of all, we would like to thank all of you who took your time to answer the questionnaire about EA we posted on this awesome forum last year. Your participation meant a lot in regards to the creation of a solid empirical background for our bachelor project, especially since EA corporate wasn't interested in helping us out! If you're interested in seeing the project, the link is here:


But back to our main point of this thread, which btw we hope is ok to post here:

We are four students from Copenhagen Business School, currently working on our Business Project for the second semester of the master's programme; International Marketing & Management. The focus of the project is directly centered around the contemporary business practices of the GameStop Corporation, and rather specifically on the three sales aspects of new, digital, and used products. Consequently, the general purpose of the project is to analyze and consider to which degree GameStop's core capabilities and current initiatives are plausible for sustaining a long-term business profitability and competitiveness. We find this to be especially relevant, due to the ongoing paradigm changes in the dynamic nature of the gaming industry.

Since it has been impossible to get in contact with the GameStop corporate, we do not have access to any primary qualitative data. As a result of these circumstances, we have adapted the project context by shifting focus towards generating quantitative data. By reaching out to the actual consumers of the gaming industry, we are hoping to acquire a solid insight on perceptions towards GameStop's business practices, which will serve as a strong support for the projects overall discussions and arguments.
Therefore, we would kindly ask you to spend 5 minutes of your time in answering this questionnaire:


Every response is greatly valued, and will contribute to a crucial strengthening the of the project empiricism, especially considering the lack of GameStop's willingness to be a source in this regard.

Thanks in advance for your contribution!

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# Innlegg: 1 - 09/05/2013 klokkan 23:49

I'm glad that your last project went well. It looks interesting, although I have to disagree with your Prologue. I think the whole "people think games are bad, but that's actually not true" thing is a bit outdated. It feels like many years since those views went away from the mainstream.

Out of curiosity, how did you find gaming.fo? Faroese classmates at CBS?

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