WoW sum tabletop spæl!
11/02/2008 klokkan 23:38 - HForce
Sum um tað ikki er nóg mikið at tit sita 10 tímar um dagin og level'a tykkara tykkara rogues og warriors!

Upper Deck Entertainment:
"Following the huge success of the World of Warcraft® Trading Card Game, Upper Deck Entertainment plans to release a World of Warcraft® Miniatures Game, which will be available in hobby and retail outlets in Fall 2008. Now you'll be able to act out your favorite World of Warcraft® moments with highly detailed 3D renderings of all the classes, including iconic characters like Warchief Thrall and fan-favorite Leeroy Jenkins!"

Spælarar fara at kunna fara á raids í 5-man scenarios.

"50 DKP minus", anyone?

Tú noyðist at innrita fyri at skriva viðmerkingar.